Service Division

Great Lakes Service Group is dedicated to providing our customers with outcome based services that will ensure an efficient and quality mechanical system. Please read below to learn more about the outcome based services we offer:

  • Analysis: Oil & Refrigerant Testing
  • Balancing: Air & Hydronic
  • Commissioning: System Analysis, Testing, Value Engineering & Solutions
  • Controls: Energy Management, BAS, D.D.C.
  • Custom Filtration Systems: Cottonwood & Pollen, Clean Room Applications
  • Energy Analysis: Lighting Retrofit, ROI
  • Indoor Air Quality: NADCA Duct Cleaning, Clean Air Systems
  • Infrared: Hot Shot, Root Cause Analysis
  • PPM: Vibration Analysis on Chillers, Pumps, Air Handlers, Motors
  • Ultrasonic: Radiology, Eddy-Current (USI), Steam, Compressed Air Systems
Great Lakes Service Division is there for you, even after hours.